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America's Best Hospitals

  1. Mayo Clinic
  2. Massachusetts General Hospital
  3. Johns Hopkins Hospital
  4. Cleveland Clinic
  5. UCLA Medical Center
  6. New York-Presbyterian University Hospital
  7. Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania-Penn Presbyterian
  8. UCSF Medical Center
  9. Brigham and Women's Hospital
  10. Northwestern Memorial Hospital
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Hiring Companies

  • Concentra
  • John Hopkins Medical Center
  • Life Care Centers of America
  • HCR Manor Care


Finding a Healthcare Job in Today's World

Once upon a time searching for jobs meant perusing the classified ads for the latest job listings in your area. Today conducting a job search in this manner would seem antiquated to say the least. Perhaps you haven't looked for a job in a while. If so the landscape has changed dramatically, and that's not a bad thing at all. In fact the good news for job seekers is that despite a tough job market their are more job searching resources than ever before, and nowhere is this more true than in the healthcare industry. read full article 

Social Media Growing as a Job Searching Tool

Chances are if you're living on this planet and are currently breathing you or someone close to you uses social media. But even for the few who are still holding out in their personal lives, social media can still be a wonderful tool when it comes to job searching. As a website specializing only in healthcare and offering the most current healthcare website job board technology to those seeking medical jobs as well as companies/hospitals, Hospital Dream Jobs is in on the ground floor of a social media revolution that is changing the way we search for medical careers and hospital employment. read full article 

Podcasts & Webcasts

Participate in podcasts and timely webcasts. Listen on your iPod, your computer or cell phone! We provide new insights and knowledge that help manage your busy schedule.

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Interview Tips

Practical advice to help ace an interview. Let us help!

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What to Look for in a Healthcare Job Board

Anyone who has ever used one knows that not all job boards are created equal. This is especially true for those searching healthcare job boards for hospital employment and medical careers.

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